Product photography and videography

You want the photographs of your products to look professional, otherwise you will lose sales and credibility; your customers will lose trust. With my twenty plus years in the graphic design industry I understand what makes a good photograph for marketing purposes.

Online Shopping Photographic Library

Have your entire catalogue photographed for your online shop. The quality of the photos on your website and social media campaigns are critical. Having a consistent and clean look throughout your entire product catalogue will help your online shop look sharp and professional.

Customised Lifestyle Photography

Tell a story of your business through photography. If you have a unique story to tell about your business, we can visit your site, or do portraiture photography, to be used in your marketing campaigns.


Get hooked up with a mic and a fancy lighting setup and feel like a movie star as you create a video campaign or vlog for your website, YouTube or Facebook. Or if you're feeling a bit shy, we can video your products or services instead.

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